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Better Beauty for Ben and I is simply beauty and personal care products that fit with our current vibrant lifestyle choices. For us, it’s all about ingredients, manufacturing choices, performance and missions we can get behind and feel good about! So, if you’ve been looking to change up your beauty routine, want high performing products from companies that are on a mission to affect safe change in the industry…this is the place to be!

All of the products below are amazing performers! However, in addition to great performing products, we want to help you find products that meet exceptional criteria. Products that fit with your already VIBRANT lifestyle choices, and from companies that are committed to health and safety standards that go well beyond what’s required by U.S. law. But just as important, products that have exceptional performance and are as indulgent as other high-quality products on the market!

We have used and LOVE all the (alternate) brands that are being shared with you today. So, rest assured, this is all from our personal experience. We hope that the listing below will help you get an idea of both comparable quality products and price ranges. You might also enjoy our  Beauty Shop, which features both Ben and I’s, current skincare/beauty favorites! 

Learn more about what safer, better and more vibrant beauty is to us, HERE and  HERE!

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Chanel Coco Code Harmony: $70

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush: $45

BC Desert Sunrise Palette: $58

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