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The Urban Poser is very PR-friendly….I’d love to work with you! Here are some ways that we can work together…

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I love to discover new products and share them with my followers! I am happy to do product reviews as long as the product is in line with the overall theme and values of my site (food, gluten-free, health, active lifestyle, yoga, kitchen products, etc). If you mail me a product, I’m more than happy to write an honest review. Any product reviews will be shared via my social channels. If available, I will tag your company and include a photo of the product. I will only review and share a product that I like and think my readers will be interested in it. If I dislike the product or don’t feel that it suits my audience, I will indicate that to you and will never write a negative review.

If your products aren’t specifically included in the list above, but you think they would be a good fit, just shoot me an email with the product details, and I’ll let you know if your product is an appropriate fit for this blog.

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Social Media mentions are a great way to gain exposure and brand recognition. My social media channels are highly engaged and an endorsement on my pages can drive a high amount of traffic, interest and affinity for your brand. The criteria for a social media mention is the same as a product review but a sponsored mention gives you the ability to include designated talking points, custom hashtags, a specific call-to-action and your preferred URL in my profile for 24 hours after posting.

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Sponsored posts are a great way to highlight your products by featuring them in the context of my most highly-viewed content. My blog posts receive hundreds of views every hour and always feature visually engaging, high-quality photography. In a Sponsored post, your products will be featured prominently in the context of corresponding content like a custom recipe or lifestyle post. Your sponsored post will detail the uses and benefits of your products as well as the values and culture of your brand. It will also include my personal review and endorsement of your products, as well as any tips or tricks I discovered while developing my post.

Your brand’s designated talking points and call-to-action will be included in the blog post and the post will be shared across all my social media channels with tags, mentions and custom hashtags for your brand. Product giveaways can also be incorporated into sponsored posts and social campaigns. Additionally, any images of your products created for a sponsored post are available to be used for any marketing or branding purposes you may have in the future.

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In today’s digital age, rich and dynamic images are essential for building a brand identity that engages new customers. In addition to creating my own creative and lifestyle content, I have collaborated with a number of brands to develop a unique and engaging visual presentation of their products. I specialize in incorporating products in a lifestyle environment but have also shot for websites, print media, product catalogs and digital media outlets as well.

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When it comes to the kitchen, I love a challenge! If your company needs help creating ongoing content or would like a unique recipe developed for your product, I’m your girl.

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