For whatever reason, I don’t typically purchase cookbooks. It’s not that they aren’t useful, or that I don’t ever need new ideas, it’s just that I get so busy with life and kids and blogging that I sometimes forget to stop and look around. But there are a few instances where even in all the chaos of life, my attention is still captured:
One: if the subject matter of said cookbook is Indian food. True story….I’m addicted.
Two: It is so incredibly beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off of it. When it’s photography, it’s layout, and even the concept and philosophy that it represents is so captivating that even after I’ve browsed through it countless times, I still find myself daydreaming about the next recipe that I want to try from it. This is the kind of cookbook that I love. The kind that I want to buy and keep in my home.
Well suffice it to say……Bill and Haley from Primal Palate’s new book, “Gather” is not about Indian food.
And I love it.
Seriously. (Oscar  said this was “The best scone ever”!) Which at first made me a little jealous, till I bit into mine and realized…. he was right.)


photo-practice5-0012So I’ve created a Blackberry Skillet Jam to share with you guys. And it just happens to pair nicely with the Orange Scone (pictured below) recipe found in Gather.Bottom line….you need this BOOK

Grain Free Orange Scones: Recipe found in “Gather”

Blackberry Skillet Jam


6 ounces fresh blackberries
2 tablespoons filtered water
1/4 cup honey or maple syrup
just a squeeze of lemon juice (about 1 teaspoon or more to taste)


1. Add the blackberries and water to a 6 inch skillet or small sauce pan. Cook over medium heat for a few minutes till the berries start to release some of their water then mash them up with a fork.

2. Add the honey and lemon juice, then bring the mixture to a simmer. Cook for 5-8 minutes or until the mixture starts to thicken. Stir constantly toward the end of the cooking, pulling the spoon across the pan. You’ll know it’s about done when you pull the spoon through the jam and it takes a few seconds for it to fill the space back in.

3.Remove from heat and allow to cool completely. Jam will continue to thicken as it cool.

Makes about 1/4 cup and can easily be doubled, tripled and so on. I have no idea how long this jam keeps as it is always consumed within seconds of leaving the skillet….sometimes before it leaves the skillet.