(As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of a scene from an episode of the TV show, “FRIENDS”…. IMPORTANT, Please watch before you continue)

Yep, Thanksgiving is almost here, you know what that means….the BIG meal!

Ok, so let’s talk DIGESTION! How about we start with… NOT overeating! However, in the event that we do (and we all know we will) here are a few tips to help take the edge of the B.B.B’s, otherwise know as, that Big. Bad. Bloated. feeling.

TIP 1.  Avoid Stressful conversation while you eat:  Warning:  This has not been tested.
TIP 2.  Chew your food:  Yes I know, it is the mantra of mothers around the world.  It just so happens to be true. A very important part of digestion is in the mouth.  Try chewing your bites at least 10 times or more.  You may be surprised at what a challenge this is.  Come to think of it, this just may help you with  tip #1.
TIP 3.  Breath through your nose:  Breathing through the nose plays a vital role in the process of digestion because it has a direct impact on your endocrine system. Try three rounds of Alternate Nostril Breathing…(find a quiet place, so your family doesn’t think your crazy, however if they are the crazy ones, than let them join in.  It can be a family affair)
Alternate Nostril Breathing: Using your right hand, close the right nostril with your thumb, and breathe in through the left. Having inhaled, now close the left nostril with the pinky and ring finger of the same hand, and breath out through the right nostril. Immediately breathe in again through that same (right) nostril, and exhale through the left. This pattern: in left, out right, in right, out left, is one unit. Repeating this unit four times makes one round.  Easy as… PIE.
TIP 4.  Ayurvedic Remedies:  For prevention, try eating a few pieces of ginger sprinkled with salt before the meal.  This combination can help ward off indigestion caused by over eating, or it just might make you lose your appetite.  Either way it’s worth a try.
Too late for that? Don’t worry, try drinking this: the  juice of half a lemon added to a glass of  water, along with a bit of soda bicarb stir well. This should be taken in case of indigestion for instant relief.  Think of it as a mixed drink, minus the bourbon (it’ll go down easier not really).
TIP 5:  If none of these tips work for you, just moan, groan and take a 5 hour nap like the rest of us.
Namaste & Happy Thanksgiving!!!